House Rules

Bonus Feat

Every player may select a free bonus feat from the Rise of the Runelords Player Guide. It adds a bit of flavour to each character. The feats are listed on the Varisian Feats page.

Character Creation

Character attributes are done by the Purchase system. Each player has 20 points to spend on character creation.
For those who don’t want to deal with the cough complex maths involved, here are two 20-point arrays. Assign the scores to what ever ability you want and then add your racial traits.
16/15/13/12/10/8 or

You can use any of the Core Races and Core Classes: In addition to the Core Pathfinder classes, you may use the additional classes from the Advanced Player Guide. This gives the following additional classes:
Summoner (although you cannot use the Synthesist Archetype)

Also from the Advanced Players Guide, you can use the alternate racial traits and favored class options for your race (Listed under each race here).

Leveling Up

Players can reroll the hit dice for hit points when they level up. The first re-roll is at -1, the second re-roll is at -2, etc. The minimum score, after reduction is always 1.

House Rules

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