Rise of the Runelords

Bright Lights, Big City

Magnimar is big, really big. Fortunately Xanesha’s assassins didn’t kill us on the road.

We have the location of Aldern’s townhouse, mentioned in the note as a place where further instruction or contact may be made. It may be a trap though, since Xanesha seems to have very good information about our recent movements.

Turtleferry Bay(or whatever) has cropped up as the previous location of Gilbrok, the assassin, and the source of a letter delivered by Marek to Shaylia, the Sandpoint senior ranger. One of the assassin party also said that she’d run letters between someone (maybe Xanesha?) and Turtleferry Bay.

Next steps:
Investigate the townhouse
Consult local wise folk regarding the Sihedron (7-pointed symbol)
Travel to TFB

Ghoul House

We ate fungus and beat up on a Ghastly old dude.

The Big Clues point to a house in MAgnamar, and some folks there. We can bring our hick-town values and our wild animal companions to a civilized city.


Marek and Albrecht are retrieved from horse-guarding in order to deal with the clump of goblins in the bramble thicket. Stealthily we creep up so that only a few of them hear and loop around for a flank attack.

Hilarity ensues, but in the end the Druid is slain and its pet tiger also. The goblin vanguard is prevented from raising an alarm, though any observers from thr fort may well have heard a small battle going on.

We cross the rickety bridge carefully and shore up the weak parts. Then we sneak into the compound, climb a guard tower and use the vantage point to rain pointy death from our bows onto the goblins and dogs below.

Sounds of a commotion mean that we’re discovered and the fort may mobilise to attack our pretty reasonable defensive position. As long as we can keep the fight to doorways and corridors where their force of numbers won’t overwhelm us and the squishy robe-wearers we’ll be fine.

And off they go...
If you go down the the woods today...

The party take a few days to recover, after thier trip into under Sandpoint.

While they are recovering, father-zantus informs the party that he has performed divinations and discovered that the stolen body of Father Tobyn has been taken to Thistletop. And Sheriff Hemlock returns from Magnimar, but could only find pitifully few soldiers to help in the defence of Sandpoint.

Some merchants stumble into town. They had been weight-laid by goblins, north of Sandpoint and their prize horse, Shadowmist, had been stolen. They offer a 250gp reward to any who can bring Shadowmist to them, still alive.

Steeling themselves, the party sets forth towards Thistletop, 6 miles distance, to end this goblin menace once and for all.

On their arrival at Thistletop, the party split into two groups. The larger group stay and guard the horse, out of sight of Thistletop. The smaller group, the Mysterious Masked Vigilantee and Terra Moonclaw, scout ahead to find a way through the thick brambles and thistles that block the way to Thistletop. They discover tunnels through the brambles and scout around.

Within the brambles, there are spaces that the goblins live in. Avoiding the group of 10 goblins, Ellie and Terra instead attack four goblin dogs. During the battle, they attract the unwanted attention of another druid, and Visera and <name> come into the bramble warren to find out what all the commotion is about. Marek and Albretcht decide to stay outside, at this time.

A Round-up of 2 Months of Play
Opps, really should keep this up to date.

The story so far:
Having successfully beaten of the goblin attack during the Swallowtail festival, the party gain a bit of a reputation in town as heroes. One of the people they saved, Aldern Foxglove, a noble from Magnimar, invites the party to go boar hunting, which the party accepts. He seems to pay alot of attention to Visera, for some reason.

The party is invited to met with Mayor Deverin, Sheriff Hemlock and Shalelu Andosana, who has some bad news about the goblins attack. The chieftain of one of the five local tribes seems to have managed to unite the tribes. And their attacks are increasing.

Sheriff Hemlock announces that he and some of his men are going to Magnimar to recruit additional soldiers for Sandpoint’s defense. The Sheriff and the Mayor appeal to the party to help with the defence of Sandpoint until the Sheriff returns.

Shortly after the Sheriff has left town, the party discover that the goblin attack during the Swallowtail Festival was merely a cover for the theft of a body from the graveyard. The body was that of Father Ezakien Tobyn, the previous priest of Sandpoint, who was killed in the fire that destroyed the old temple, five years earlier, during the Troubles.

A few days later the party, in the process of leaving the town to hunt goblins, are approached by a halfling by the name of Bethana Corwin, a maid from the Rusty Dragon. Her employer, Amieko Kaijitsu, adventurer and daughter of one of the founding families of Sandpoint, has gone missing. A letter from her estranged brother, Tsuto, had been found, asking Amieko to meet her brother at the Sandpoint Glassworks. The party investigate.

On arriving at the Glassworks, the party discover it is locked up. The Mysterious Masked Vigilantee climbs onto the roof to see inside the building, but is spotted by the goblins inside.
Securing the main door, the party head round to a side door, and gain access there. Inside, they defeat the goblin raiders, and discover the dead (and now glass covered) body of Lonjiku Kaijitsu, Amieko’s father. The party manage to capture one of the goblins alive.

In the basement of the glassworks, the party is ambushed by Tsuto and more goblins, but the party rapidly dispatch the goblins and manage to knock Tsuto unconscious. They discover Amieko, drugged, in a store room, and a secret tunnel running under Sandpoint. The party leave Albrecht garuding the tunnel entrance and take Tsuto and the goblin to the barracks.

Interrogation produced almost no information, but Tsuto’s journal provides some information. Namely the Nualia, a assimar who was in Father Ezakien Tobyn’s care and was thought to have died in the fire that took Tobyn’s life, is behind the attacks.

The party venture under Sandpoint, into the recently discovered tunnels. There they discover a long buried complex, inhabited by a quasit, some really ugly, but unknown, creatures and some zombies. The party successfully explore the complex, dispite Albrecht being turned on the party for a few minutes and a well-placed ambush by the quasit.

Update: Now with all users permissions.

Swallowtail Festival

Goblins! Loads of the little bastards. No idea where they came from, just running around town like they owned the place. Setting fire to stuff and causing havoc. It’s not right, and it’s not like Goblins to come right into town like that. I don’t know what set them off, or if some nasty little goblin chief has them on the warpath.

Unless it was some kind of distraction. I wonder if anything’s been stolen?

Welcome to Sandpoint

It’s been five years since the troubles in Sandpoint, which resulted in the burning of the temple. But that is the past, and now, a new temple has been built.

But today is the day the town of Sandpoint finally puts the troubles behind it. There is a carnival atmosphere to the town today. Today is the Swallowtail festival, where the new temple will be consecrated.


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