Rise of the Runelords

And off they go...

If you go down the the woods today...

The party take a few days to recover, after thier trip into under Sandpoint.

While they are recovering, father-zantus informs the party that he has performed divinations and discovered that the stolen body of Father Tobyn has been taken to Thistletop. And Sheriff Hemlock returns from Magnimar, but could only find pitifully few soldiers to help in the defence of Sandpoint.

Some merchants stumble into town. They had been weight-laid by goblins, north of Sandpoint and their prize horse, Shadowmist, had been stolen. They offer a 250gp reward to any who can bring Shadowmist to them, still alive.

Steeling themselves, the party sets forth towards Thistletop, 6 miles distance, to end this goblin menace once and for all.

On their arrival at Thistletop, the party split into two groups. The larger group stay and guard the horse, out of sight of Thistletop. The smaller group, the Mysterious Masked Vigilantee and Terra Moonclaw, scout ahead to find a way through the thick brambles and thistles that block the way to Thistletop. They discover tunnels through the brambles and scout around.

Within the brambles, there are spaces that the goblins live in. Avoiding the group of 10 goblins, Ellie and Terra instead attack four goblin dogs. During the battle, they attract the unwanted attention of another druid, and Visera and <name> come into the bramble warren to find out what all the commotion is about. Marek and Albretcht decide to stay outside, at this time.



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