Rise of the Runelords


Marek and Albrecht are retrieved from horse-guarding in order to deal with the clump of goblins in the bramble thicket. Stealthily we creep up so that only a few of them hear and loop around for a flank attack.

Hilarity ensues, but in the end the Druid is slain and its pet tiger also. The goblin vanguard is prevented from raising an alarm, though any observers from thr fort may well have heard a small battle going on.

We cross the rickety bridge carefully and shore up the weak parts. Then we sneak into the compound, climb a guard tower and use the vantage point to rain pointy death from our bows onto the goblins and dogs below.

Sounds of a commotion mean that we’re discovered and the fort may mobilise to attack our pretty reasonable defensive position. As long as we can keep the fight to doorways and corridors where their force of numbers won’t overwhelm us and the squishy robe-wearers we’ll be fine.



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