Rise of the Runelords

Bright Lights, Big City

Magnimar is big, really big. Fortunately Xanesha’s assassins didn’t kill us on the road.

We have the location of Aldern’s townhouse, mentioned in the note as a place where further instruction or contact may be made. It may be a trap though, since Xanesha seems to have very good information about our recent movements.

Turtleferry Bay(or whatever) has cropped up as the previous location of Gilbrok, the assassin, and the source of a letter delivered by Marek to Shaylia, the Sandpoint senior ranger. One of the assassin party also said that she’d run letters between someone (maybe Xanesha?) and Turtleferry Bay.

Next steps:
Investigate the townhouse
Consult local wise folk regarding the Sihedron (7-pointed symbol)
Travel to TFB


Turtleback Ferry.

Agreed as to the next steps. Do we as characters know about Slaanesh? Was that just a metaphor? Would it be worth asking about Xanesha while we are in Magnamar?

RE loot visera would like:
Alchemists Fire x2
16 bolts
Alchemists Fire
10 Bolts

Bright Lights, Big City

How did Slaanesh get dragged in here, isn’t he/she/it from Warhammer 40k? O_o
(I can’t remember it being mentioned, but I’d guess it was an OOC metaphor)

Since we can’t edit the loot-list post, I follow stacy’s example and write my comments here.
The gold was divided as 790 per participant in the fight, with the leftover fraction as compensation for the good farmer’s cart.
Devrim is interested in:
Chainmail +1 (to store for later use when I get med armour proficiency)
+1 Composite Longbow (if it turns out to be also made for Strength 18, Marek should get it, since he can make better use of it. I will then take his MW Comp Bow and we’ll find an IN justification for the trade^^)
Barkskin Potion
at least one of the Bull’s Strength Potions

With regards to the CLW-potions, Devrim would like to make the following suggestion:
Everyone in the group should carry at least one cure-potion at an easily accessible location (e.g. a flask at the belt) that everyone else knows about. That way, if someone gets critically wounded, he can be easily helped/stabilised by anyone nearby, even if the helper has no healing abilities. The surplus potions could go to a central pool to restock the individual “emergency flasks” if needed, probably managed by Krom.

Bright Lights, Big City

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